How to kick your email habit

You may feel as though you are being productive by constantly checking your emails however this may be having the opposite effect. As a result of frequently checking our emails, we have forgotten how to switch off and concentrate on work for longer periods of time.

This is not an easy habit to kick, here put together 5 steps to help you stop being inbox dependant and it all starts with your settings.

Turn off your phone notifications

The most effective way to kick any habit is to reduce temptation. This means turning off your email notifications on your phone. Also, by doing this you don’t feel pressured to respond in an instant. When not in work maintain the mind-set of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, if you can’t see the emails flooding into your inbox they can’t bother you. You are not a slave to your emails.

Change your mind-set

Your attitude towards something has a huge impact on how it plays out. Having a positive attitude towards reducing the amount of time you spend checking emails can make a big difference. Instead of saying ‘I can’t help but check my emails’ instead try saying ‘I don’t check my emails out of office hours’. By doing this your actions are more likely to align with your words. The more you say it the more you’ll believe it.

Develop a new habit

Every time you go to check your emails at home or during a task, unless urgent, stop yourself. Do something, which replaces this habit. This can be going for a walk or making an effort to chat with a colleague. Either way, find something simple to do when you get the urge to check your emails unnecessarily.

Filter your emails

We live in a world where it is incredibly easy to connect with people. As a result, your inbox becomes flooded with emails making it difficult to filter out the important ones. If possible create multiple folders each with a specific rule to help filter emails. This way you know which emails you need to respond to quickly and what can wait.

Be proactive

The fewer emails you receive the less inclined you are to check them. Work to reduce the number of emails you send and how many people you include on email chains. This goes for anyone in the cc section as well. Already you have limited the number of responses you can get.

The feeling of needing to check your emails constantly is not going to go away overnight but by following these five tips from you can slowly reduce the amount of time, which you spend scrolling through your inbox. You’ll be surprised by how much more time you have in your day.