The Brixton dry cleaners offering free laundry services for the elderly

Ihateironing is offering ‘doorstep’ deliveries to over-80s who usually have a carer that can no longer visit

“Some of the most vulnerable people who are adapting to the Government’s guidelines are the elderly. Those who are older and live alone often rely on a carer or family member to help with tasks at home,” says Matt Connelly, CEO and Founder at

With the UK going into lockdown this week, it means many elderly – the majority who have been in self-isolation since early March – won’t have access to their regular carers as people are told to stay at home. This is why Ihateironing, a Brixton-based, door-to-door dry cleaner, has decided to offer complimentary ‘wash, dry and fold services’ for the over-80s.

Connelly explains: “This service is available to support elderly who are self-isolating as a precautionary measure and who do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.”

To book in a complimentary service for yourself or someone you know that could benefit from it, call Ihateironing’s customer care team on 020 7060 4939, who can help to arrange collection and delivery. 

“When it comes to delivering items, we have instated ‘contactless delivery’. Our driver rings the bell, drops the bag at the door, steps back for two meters, and ensures that the customer has collected their items before leaving for another delivery,” Connelly explains.

The service is offered to applicable residents across London, offering both a light and a dark wash to each person, and accepting clothes, towels and bedding.

The response so far, Connelly says, has been ‘amazing’ with over 600 requests. “We have spent the past few days making sure we have the infrastructure to deliver this, and we’re hoping to reach as many people as possible.”

While Ihateironing began as a dry cleaning business, like many other small businesses it has had to adapt its model during these unprecedented times. To help fund these complimentary services, Ihateironing has also launched its ‘essentials’ service – where anyone can pay £29 (plus £6 for delivery) and the team will drop off a box filled with essential food, including fruit and veg.